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Elegy RH8 Turbo Versus no Turbo – GTA 5 on the PS4

Racing the Elegy RH8 in Grand Theft Auto 5 on the PS4 (next generation version) and comparing races with and without Turbo. I found that the Elegy RH8 performed 1.201 seconds faster without Turbo doing 2 laps on the Criminal Records race track.

In a previous video and post I raced the Entity XF with and without Turbo on the same Criminal Records race track and I found the exact same thing, without turbo the car was faster; even more significantly so with the Entity XF.

I chose to do this comparison on the Criminal Records map since it’s one where I would be able to replicate the same race two times in a row (three laps each) with very little variability. This kept the races very similar, while combining three separate race times for each scenario (turbo and no turbo).

I’m not sure if this will be fixed or if it was intentional, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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