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The Best GTA V Weapons & Guns – Deathmatches / Online

In Grand Theft Auto V, weapons are not only a vital tool to your survival, but to also traverse your way though missions, deathmatches and more. Depending on the scenario, you may have to use different weapon from different categories separated into several weapon types or classes. You can see that this can be slightly confusing as there are sometimes numerous weapon types for each category, of which become unlocked for purchase at Ammu-Nation once you level your online GTA V character up.

Aside from being able to purchase new weapons upon levelling, you also can unlock weapon upgrades such as grips, suppressors, flashlights and extended ammo clips – these can also add as enhancements to the guns performance.

Below I have organized the weapons I believe to be the top weapons you’ll need when playing GTA V online. I have chosen the top weapons in each class with a little descriptor as to why. So by all means this list will not be a comprehensive list of all weapons in the game, but rather the ones yo should focus on for winning deathmatches and so on.

Best GTA V Weapons Classes

Best GTA V Weapons For Deathmatches and More

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