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Top 3 Best & Fastest Off Road Vehicles For Racing GTA V

The Off-Roads vehicle class in GTA V is very different from the others with a very unique bunch of vehicles to choose from. Sometimes your choice may be dictated by the type of map you’re racing on with various terrains or race types, however this class is primarily dominated by the vehicle you see in first place below. Overall though, this is a cheaper racing class to get into then some of the others in GTA V even though it may be a different racing experience altogether then your typical street race in the game.

Fastest Off Road GTA V Racing

1. Best GTA V Off Road – Sanchez

Sanchez Off Road Racing Vehicle GTA VEven though this bike is not the fastest or close to the fastest bike in the game, it absolutely dominates the off road vehicles in racing as it is a part of this class even though its quite unlike the other vehicles included. By getting the front wheel up in the Sanchez, you will maximize your speed with this off road vehicle class bike. So if you are looking for one off road vehicle to purchase, then just get this one. There may be the odd track that caters to the following vehicles on this list, but for the most part the Sanchez will dominate.

The Sanchez is a fairly cheap purchase from the in game store for only $7000 plus upgrades in the shop.

Sanchez Stats

  • Acceleration (0-60mph): n/a
  • Top Speed (mph): n/a
  • Engine (Capacity + Layout + Fuel): 450cc 4-stroke single
  • Drivetrain (AWD / FWD / RWD): RWD
  • Gearbox (Number + Type): 5
  • Mass (lb): 220

2. Best GTA V Off Road – BF Bifta

BF Bifta Off Road Vehicle GTA V RacingThis is best overall vehicle in the off roads class for racing aside from the Sanchez in first place here, it does however suffer from a little over steer sometimes, so watch out for those bumps – this can be anticipated with those seasoned riders though. The Bifta also has a long brake time, which can be minimized throught upgrading it fully in the shop, which this article assumes for all vehicles included. This vehicle can also be purchased at but for a heftier price of $75000.

BF Bifta Stats

  • Acceleration (0-60mph): n/a
  • Top Speed (mph): n/a
  • Engine (Capacity + Layout + Fuel): n/a
  • Drivetrain (AWD / FWD / RWD): n/a
  • Gearbox (Number + Type): n/a
  • Mass (lb): n/a

3. Best GTA V Off Road – Negasaki Blazer

Negasaki Blazer GTA V Off Road RacingThis is a very quick off road vehicle that can fly around corners being able to hug them closely, while also being very quick and a very light vehicle over all. describes this off road vehicle as such: “This bike is the perfect price for those who want to risk life and limb on San Andreas freeways.” – which can be very true.

Negasaki Blazer Stats

  • Acceleration (0-60mph): n/a
  • Top Speed (mph): 120
  • Engine (Capacity + Layout + Fuel): n/a
  • Drivetrain (AWD / FWD / RWD): AWD
  • Gearbox (Number + Type): 5
  • Mass (lb): 1323

More Recommendations

4. Best GTA V Off Road – Dune Buggy

Dune Buggy GTA V Off Road RacingThe Dune Buggy is quite good around corners due to its long body and great traction, however it does lack a little in the acceleration department and has a decent top speed. You can also recover quite quickly if you roll over or crash, although may not be the best choice for a GTA race since you are very susceptible to bullets.

Dune Buggy Stats

  • Acceleration (0-60mph): n/a
  • Top Speed (mph): 135
  • Engine (Capacity + Layout + Fuel): n/a
  • Drivetrain (AWD / FWD / RWD): RWD
  • Gearbox (Number + Type): 5
  • Mass (lb): 3968

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