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Top 3 Best & Fastest Motorcycles For Racing GTA V

Last Updated: February 11th, 2020

Motorcycles are a unique racing class of their own in GTA V. They can be extremely fun to race with while being some of the fastest vehicles in the game and at the same time they can be the most frustrating, especially for newer racers since the risk of hitting a barrier and falling off is so easy. You can quickly see that racing with motorbikes requires a slightly different racing methodology and once mastered makes it an adrenaline rushed experience competing against fellow racers. Below you will find the top three motorbikes for racing in GTA V with specific descriptions for what makes each bike good – as each bike may present a better purchase for specific types of races.

One tip for anyone racing motorcycles in GTA V if you want to get these fastest motorcycle speed possible is to always lean backwards on your bike, even if your wheels don’t seem to lift off of the ground this will still give a a very slight edge. Even after several GTA V updates, the following bikes are still the best choice for GTA motorbikes for racing. If one were to actually rate overall racing for bikes beyond actual races, then the Oppressor would win hands down using its rocket boost.


1. Best GTA V Motorbike – Nagasaki Shotaro

nagasaki-shotaro-gta-v-motorcycle-tronNow even though this bike is super super fast, it may not be worth getting over the Hakuchou Drag (seen below). This is because of the HUGE price difference between those two motorbikes, and the Shotaro is actually slightly slower in a straigh line race. So technically the Shotaro IS the best bike to currently get, but just barely. So if you are tight on cash get the Hakuchou Drag, or if you are swimming in cash get the Nagasaki Shotaro, plain and simple!

Nagasaki Shotaro Stats

  • Acceleration (0-60mph): n/a
  • Top Speed (mph): 126.5mph
  • Engine (Capacity + Layout + Fuel): n/a
  • Drivetrain (AWD / FWD / RWD): n/a
  • Gearbox (Number + Type): n/a
  • Mass (lb): n/a

2. Best GTA V Motorbike – Shitzu Hakuchou Drag


The first best bike in town when the GTA V Bikers Update was released, the Shitzu Hakachou Drag. This was the best overall motorcycle for raving in GTA V before the Shotaro and may still be (see above). This bike came out with the recent GTA V Bikers update. This is now one of the fastest land vehicles in the game (the regular Hakuchou can still beat it in a straight land race though as the overall fastest) and this bike is th only bike that gets faster the mor you lean forward; as opposed to backwards in most other bike in GTA V.

Hakuchou Drag Stats

  • Acceleration (0-60mph): n/a
  • Top Speed (mph): 126.5mph
  • Engine (Capacity + Layout + Fuel): n/a
  • Drivetrain (AWD / FWD / RWD): n/a
  • Gearbox (Number + Type): n/a
  • Mass (lb): n/a

3. Best GTA V Motorbike – Pegassi Bati 801

Bati 801 - Fastest GTA V Motorcycle for RacingOn most tracks the Bati 801 will give you a better lap time over the below third place mentioned Akuma. This is because it has better traction, higher top speed and better braking. The biggest difference between the Bati 801 and the Akuma, is that the Akuma does have better acceleration. To get the most of the Bati 801 you have to better really good at cornering and get that front wheel up as much as possible.

The ultimate in going 0-80 in 2.3, then 80-0 in a fraction as you slide under a tractor trailer truck.“―Description fomr the in game store –

Bati 801 Stats

  • Acceleration (0-60mph): n/a
  • Top Speed (mph): n/a
  • Engine (Capacity + Layout + Fuel): n/a
  • Drivetrain (AWD / FWD / RWD): n/a
  • Gearbox (Number + Type): n/a
  • Mass (lb): 230

4. Best GTA V Motorbike – Dinka Akuma

Dinka Akuma GTA V Motorcycle for RacingThis bike flies and is a very consistent bike to drive with and it has super acceleration. This bike however doesn’t quite hit the best top speed or the greatest traction. If one were to choose to race with this bike though, you won’t be disappointed and can definitely have some success while racing.

Akuma Stats

  • Acceleration (0-60mph): n/a
  • Top Speed (mph): n/a
  • Engine (Capacity + Layout + Fuel): n/a
  • Drivetrain (AWD / FWD / RWD): RWD
  • Gearbox (Number + Type): 5
  • Mass (lb): 250

Previous Motorcycles on the List

The following were the previous motorcycles on the GTA V best motorcyles to race with list. As we add better and better bikes above, the top 3 will get pushed down to the below.

5. Best GTA V Motorbike– Shitzu Hakuchou

Shitzu Hakuchou GTA V Racing MotorcycleIf you can get the front wheel up on the Hackuchou, then you can really get the speed up on this bike. This is a great bike for those long straight races, it however lacks some traction when cornering with it being a little heavy. The main benefit of this bike is the straight line races. This is the GO TO bike for top speed type races.

Hakuchou Stats

  • Acceleration (0-60mph): n/a
  • Top Speed (mph): n/a
  • Engine (Capacity + Layout + Fuel): n/a
  • Drivetrain (AWD / FWD / RWD): n/a
  • Gearbox (Number + Type): n/a
  • Mass (lb): n/a

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18 thoughts on “Top 3 Best & Fastest Motorcycles For Racing GTA V”


    I absolutely disagree with this list. For me the Hukuchou is the absolute number 1, without a doubt! Whenever I race this badboy nobody stops or passes me. I´ve WON around 500+ races with the Hakuchou (level 663, no hacking!) so I think I know what I´m talking about………. And If you think you´re faster just drop me an invite: SUBWAYMALLORCA2 (PS3)

    1. Tommy says:


    2. Arthur Blenheim says:

      Are you nuts? The Shitzu Hakuchou is in the author’s list! Can’t you read? The list provides the author’s top three street-style motorcycles. Do you have a comprehension problem? Maybe you’re attempting to argue the order of that list, but nowhere does the author say that the list is in a specific order. He may have numbered it for the sake of rhetorical clarity alone. Maybe you would put his list into an order. Nevertheless, saying that you “absolutely disagree” is an over-reaction, seeing that you’ve named one of the bikes that apears in his tiny list of three. While people’s opinions have variances between them, they usually would not be all that different from each other, and that’s the case here.

  2. Reican says:

    Bati 801? LOL only reason anyone consider it to be good is because its the ceheaper one of these three. the Hakuchou in unmatched in speed and agility, the control on the road is magnificient and everytime there is an fastest land vechicle event it beats the osiris and t20 easily

    1. Monkey Evolved says:

      I would agree for those long track races, but it does lose control more easily. For the more rounded race tracks it wouldn’t do as well, albeit it can get really fast, especially when you can do those wheelies.

    2. Arthur Blenheim says:

      Uh, I imagine that the bike’s cost would be a factor to consider. Actually, its low cost is a good reason for it to be in anyone’s list. You appear to agree with the list, because, as you say, “[It’s] the [cheaper] one of these three.” Let us not speak in extremes and belittle others over minuscule differences. While you feel that your opinion may be superior to the authors, you’re ignoring that the author at least provides a paragraph that sketches in detail about why he feels the list contains those three bikes. Let’s not speak to each other using extremes in belittling tones, when the differences between what you say and what the list says isn’t all that different. Please consider your tone. People who play video games should also use logical evaluation in addition to common language skills, but too often they don’t have that, which is why people usually think of video games as “wastes of time” rather than “works of art.” It’s all in the criticism and educational level of the people talking about them. Which one do you think they are?

  3. Arthur Blenheim says:

    Has anyone tried the motorcycles offered through the Legendary Motor Sport store? It offers the $40,000 Nagasaki Carbon R and the $75,000 Dinka Thrust. Furthermore, Legendary offers two ultra-expensive ones: the $630,000 Dinka Vindicator or the $750,000 Principe Lectro. Why are these last two so expensive?

    Are the three motorbikes in the above article best for off-road racing, too? They do not look good for dirt racing! If they are not, what are the best motorbikes for off-road, dirt racing? The Dinka Enduro is a dirt bike that costs $48,000. So, I assume it’s the best, since the next-expensive off-road cycles are the $8,000 Maibatsu Sanchez 2 and the $7,000 Maibatsu Sanchez (Livery). There are only three dirt bikes offered through GTA V’s stores, all of them through Southern Sanandreas Superautos.

    Lastly, are there any bikes worth stealing that none of the stores offer? Probably not for racing. I have collected a Western Daemon chopper-style bike for which the custom shop offers many upgrades. The Western Daemon is not a good racing bike, it being a chopper-styled one, but it is an example of a stolen bike that one can keep, for not having a vehicle tracker, and no store sells it. As people may know, the “sticker price,” or “list price,” of base-model bikes that a player can steal and store in a garage for later use is capped at $10,000, due to installed trackers on bikes over that value. Any customization shop gives a resale or buy value at 10% of list price for any stolen vehicle not having a tracker–cars, too. One cannot steal and sell motorbikes with sticker values over $10,000 or steal and sell cars with sticker values over $100,000 to any of the game’s garage shops. Upgrades add to the resale value, of course, but, despite any upgrades, one can still sell those stolen vehicles to any customization shop as long as their sticker value regardless is below those amounts. Though I have found already-upgraded cars in front of customization garages that I have stolen and kept or stolen and sold, I have not found any motorbikes already having upgrades. If anyone has found upgraded motorbikes, I would like to confirm their existence in the game. Because the Daemon resells for $2,000, one can use the 10% rule to suppose that, if it were sold by any shop, its sticker value would be $20,000.

  4. Bk says:

    The sanctus has better top speed the the Bati that is the king of the choppers

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  7. Ian says:

    Holy crap… any of you guys ever leave your moms basement?? Video game works of art? A short story on video game motor bikes? Man….you guys are hardcore into it! When do you all find the spare time to have a job?? Or get laid!! And smashing one out during a strip club visit doesn’t count kids……

    1. Douglas Sharp says:

      Chicks totally dig my GTAV motorcycle knowledge. It makes them wet.

    2. killurself says:

      fucking king of the edgelords here

    3. Sarah says:

      And while you’re out blowing all your money on drinks for girls that laugh at you in the bathroom while you seedily look for the next poor girl that has to suffer through your incessant bragging (trust me, we hate it) I’m having fun

    4. DrSandwich2890 says:

      When do you find the time for yourr hobbies? I get my pussy licked and a good dicking whenever I want but your concern is touching.

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  10. HeSuxCox says:

    I — I just — no.

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