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The Fleeca Job Heist GTA 5

Fleeca Job Heist – Grand Theft Auto 5

The Fleeca Job heist is the first heist available in the Grand Theft Auto 5 online world. You start off by calling Lester from your high end apartment and then have to only recruit one partner in order to qualify for this mission. Generally for heists,

Homing Launcher & Proximity Mine

Homing Launcher & Proximity Mines – Grand Theft Auto 5

Two new additions to Grand Theft Auto 5 is the Homing Launcher and the Proximity Mine. These are two fantastic weapons that if used skillfully, will own in any deathmatch or perhaps just for having fun and killing other players. The Homing Launcher acts similarly

Elegy RH8 Turbo VS no Turbo

Elegy RH8 Turbo Versus no Turbo – GTA 5 on the PS4

Racing the Elegy RH8 in Grand Theft Auto 5 on the PS4 (next generation version) and comparing races with and without Turbo. I found that the Elegy RH8 performed 1.201 seconds faster without Turbo doing 2 laps on the Criminal Records race track. In a

Level 100 Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5)

Turning Level 100 in Grand Theft Auto 5

I just turned level 100 and I thought it would have happened in a more epic, transformative way. I know level 100 isn’t the end all end all, or the top of all levels, but for me it seemed like a milestone. Playing Grand Theft