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Fleeca Job Heist – Grand Theft Auto 5

The Fleeca Job heist is the first heist available in the Grand Theft Auto 5 online world. You start off by calling Lester from your high end apartment and then have to only recruit one partner in order to qualify for this mission. Generally for heists, the leader (the person who initiates the heist from their apartment) will have to cover up-front costs, but for this first one this isn’t necessary.

The take for this heist totals to $143 750, which is split on the final part of the heist “The Fleeca Job” , where the leader decides the cut beforehand. In the video below you’ll see that I made the cut 50% for both of us, equally splitting the final take. Watch the video below for the complete gameplay of the Fleeca Job heist and read further below fro a description of all of the heist’s mission objectives.

Fleeca Job Heist Description

This heist had two setup missions – the first was the Scope out where we take a ride with Lester and simply view the bank from the outside and listen to him blabber on about this and that. The passenger also has to complete three virtual practice trials on their phone as preparation for the final heist mission to hack into the vault. The second setup mission is where you steal your getaway car, an armoured Kuruma, which is a badass looking black armoured car (also available for purchase after this heist). Then aftert the two set up missions, you’re tasked with actually robbing the Fleeca bank where one individual is “the driller” – the individual who drills into the vault, and the second individual is the drive – the individual who has to keep the bank patrons scared, mostly by shooting their gun around them. After the bank is robbed you get back into your armoured Kuruma vehicle and drive through a bunch of cops to finish the mission by getting picked up directly off of the highway by a Cargobob helicopter.

1. Fleeca Job – Scope out

Objective: Observe security at the Fleeca Bank on the Western highway. Then collect Paige and some equipment from the factory, and come back to the apartment to plan the score.

2. Fleeca Job – Kuruma

Objective: Source the getaway car for the fleece job. it’s currently being looked after by a little Seoul stick up crew in a Del Perro parking lot.

3. Fleeca Job – The Fleeca Job

Objective: Take down the Fleeca franchise. The driver controls the crowd. The driller gets box 167 from the vault. Then everyone gets out, and gets away in the Kuruma.

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