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Watch Dogs Act 1: A Wrench in the Works – Angelo Tucci, Track the Prison Vehicle

Track down Angelo Tucci and get to him before he gets to prison.

Objective: Use the Profiler to find Angelo Tucci’s niece
Objective: Hack the niece’s phone
Objective: Hack the niece’s phone (again)

Head towards the large glass building within the search area and as you get closer you’ll narrow down your target to find out she’s inside the building. Get inside and hack the target’s phone twice to find out where you next target is.

Objective: Kill Angelo Tucci before he reaches the prison
Objective: Eliminate Angelo Tucci before he escapes
Objective: Kill Angel’s allies or escape

Angelo Tucci is on his way to prison so you need to get him before he gets there. Find his car using the main map and mark it with a waypoint. Track his vehicle and get close enough to disable it using the environment to slow him down.

Kill him as quickly as you can because you’ll also attract his buddies who will need to be killed. If you don’t want a fight you’ll have to flee for your life. Once you escape or kill all the bad guys, the mission is complete.

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