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Watch Dogs Act 1: Not The Pizza Guy – Meet Jordi, Interrogate Fixer Boss

Meet Jordi, infiltrate the rail yard and interrogate the Fixer boss in this missio

Objective: Climb to meet Jordi on the patio deck

Get to the waypoint and you’ll trigger a cutscene, then head to the other location to start the mission proper. Climb the ladder and scale the side of the building to get to the patio.

Objective: Infiltrate the rail yard
Objective: Interrogate the Fixer Boss

Now go back to street level and cross the bridge to the locked gate. Through the gate you can see a camera which you can access to move the crane. Use it to take down two guards and activate the next camera on the right. Look up at the building across from it and watch the guards patrolling the building. Turn the camera to the left and look down to hack and unlock the doors.

Head down the stairs and hang back for the guard you saw earlier through the camera. When he’s on the far side move to lift on the far side of the building and climb on top of it. Move the lift to the second floor and climb over the railing and down the far side. When the guard looks in the opposite direction perform a takedown on him.

Down in the yard you’ll see a guard patrolling below you. Hack into the panel on the barrel below and wait for him to get close enough to blow up. Other guards will come to investigate, and while they’re distracted you can drop down near the lift and make your way to the unlocked doors.

Objective: Kill all the fixers or escape

When the cutscene has played out go through the door and take cover behind the forklift. You’ll have a bit of a gun battle here. Once the enemies get in close run to where you entered the yard and get into a car to escape the Fixers if you don’t want to stick around and finish them all off.

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