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Watch Dogs Act 1: Big Brother – Join the Party, Meet Nicky

Doing some Watch Dogs on the Playstation 4, I thought I would post gameplay as I go through the game. Here is the Big Brother mission with its respective objectives –

Mission: Big Brother

  • Objective: Join the party in the backyard.
  • Objective: Head inside Nicky’s home.
  • Objective: Listen in on Nicky’s phone.
  • Hack the gate ahead to open it, then continue to the next waypoint, which is the house just ahead and to the left. Head around the right side of the house to reach the backyard. After the cut-scene, head up the stairs and inside the house to speak with Nicky again. After she gets a phone call, hack into the phone to listen in on her conversation.
  • Objective: Take down the suspect.
  • Objective: Hack the caller’s phone for answers.
  • You need to take down the person who just called Nicky. A waypoint has been added to the map. Head to the location indicated, or mark the location to bring up a GPS route. As you approach, the suspect will get into a car and make a run for it. Get into a nearby car and stay behind him, but as close as possible. As you drive, you’ll be able to hack lights and blockades that will disable his vehicle. As long as you’re close enough when prompted to hack the potential obstacle, the suspect will get caught in the aftermath.
  • With his car disabled, the suspect will leave his vehicle and flee on foot. Chase him down as best you can. You can use your gun, but you won’t earn as many experience points. If you chase him long enough, he will stop running. At this point, you can use a proper takedown to get the maximum experience points. Hack into the suspect’s phone to complete the mission.

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