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The Top GTA V Best SMG (Small Machine Gun) Weapons for Online

SMG’s in GTA V are lightweight machine guns accessible close after the pistol. In all honestly, you could probably do without most of the SMG’s unless dire straights hit and you were choosing an SMG over say a Pistol or Melee weapon. All in all, there is one SMG that could be used in your arsenal if any, but it is optional and shown below.

Best SMG (Small Machine Gun) GTA V

#1 Best GTA V SMG: Micro SMG


Micro SMG

The Micro SMG is probably the only SMG you’ll probably need as it’s the only SMG that you can use in drive by shootings. This is the second firearm along with the above AP Pistol that is a fully-automatic firearm capable of shooting from a vehicle, but you’ll be just fine using the AP Pistol until it runs out of ammo. The Micro SMG is similar to an Uzi as a side tid bit and is probably best used when in close quarters or for suave drive by shootings.

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