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The Top GTA V Best Assault Rifle Weapons for Online

Assault Rifles in GTA V should be the bread and butter of your GTA V weapons Arsenal. The Assault Rifles will work for most general situations and will be your go to weapon. Generally when I’m running around, this is what I have equipped, I then switch to whatever else I need in other specific situations, simple as that.

The Assault Rifles are a class of two handed weapons that are far more powerful then the handgun class and SMG’s. These are medium range making them an overall average gun for close(ish) and long(ish) range weaponry.

Best Assault Rifles GTA V

#1 GTA V Rifle: Special Carbine

Special Carbine GTA V

Special Carbine

This should be your go to gun, the one you carry with you and have out most of the time. This rifle is your all around firearm able to be used in most situations in deathmatches or combat online. With practice it should be relatively easy to get headshots and face multiple opponents.  Make sure to upgrade to an extended clip and add a scope and grip for enhanced performance. This rifle was released in the GTA V Business Update.

#2 GTA V Rifle: Bullpup Rifle

Bullpup Rifle GTA V

Bullpup Rifle

With its stats being pretty much on par with the Special Carbine, one may choose to run with this rifle instead, but its all up to you. Likewise one could add a suppressor to this rifle for the added silencer effect as it does decrease stats a tad, while you can still have the Special Carbine without it. This rifle was released in the GTA V High Life update.

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