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The Top GTA V Best Shotgun Weapons for Online

Shotgun are to be used as short distance weapons. There are a couple of options that I will suggest below for best shotguns to use, but either choice ill probably depend on how you play and perhaps what sort of deathmatch map or situation you’re put in. What I’ve found is that it’s best to practice quickly switching to the shotgun category and having your chosen shotgun already chosen so that you can quickly switch. This is because shotguns are short range and when you find yourself suddenly in a closed room or at short distances to your opponents.

Best Shot Guns GTA V

#1 Best GTA V Shotgun: Assault Shotgun

Assault Shotgun GTA V

Assault Shotgun

This shotgun has 32-rounds with the extended clip installed and it will fire fully automatic. With such a high fire rate, this makes it the ideal shotgun in most deathmatches, since you can easily run into a situation and fire like crazy and at decent distances. However, since it does have crazy high fire rate and distance for a shotgun, it does suffer some in terms of damage compared to the other shotguns. There are also many upgrades to this gun such as a clip extender, suppressor, and an advanced scope.

Cost: $1350

#2 Best GTA V Shotgun: Bullpup Shotgun

Bullpup Shotgun GTA V

Bullpup Shotgun

The above Assault Shotgun, is probably the deadliest in most deathmatch situations, but the Bullpup shotgun has huge damage and can be very successful when you are up very close to your opponent (more shotgun like). This shotgun doesn’t have the ultimate most damage, but when compared to its higher damage equivalent (the Sawed-Off Shotgun), it has slightly better accuracy, range and holds more ammunition.

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