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The Top GTA V Best Light Machine Guns (LMG) Weapons for Online

There isn’t too much to choose from in terms of the light machine gun in GTA V and they are available at higher levels online, so you can basically purchase and use them as they come. As you can see below, you purchase the level 50  MG  Light Machine Gun and then when you are level 80, just go for the Combat MG.

Best Light Machine Guns (LMG) GTA V

#1 GTA V Light Machine Gun: Combat MG

Combat MG GTA V

Combat MG

The combat MG is the best of the two light machine guns in GTA V. This LMG has a higher damage than the regular MG and quite the increased fire rate making it perfect for destroying vehicles and helicopters when you get the chance. The only downside to this weapon is that you have to wait until level 80 to purchase it at ammu-nation.

Cost: $3700

#2 GTA V Light Machine Gun: MG



The regular MG is inferior to the above Combat MG with less damage dealt and a slower firing rate, but if you are below level 80 and above level 50 this is the LMG to get. So basically, the MG is the number two to the Combat MG, get it?

Cost: $3000

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