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The Top GTA V Best Pistol / Handgun Weapons for Online

Pistols are the most basic firearm in GTA V and take the appearances of many popular handguns. Most of the pistols are a very affordable in game weapon solution for those low on cash both in terms of gun purchase and ammo. Given a choice though and assuming you are level 33 and above (GTA V Online), there is one pistol worth having on standby as seen below.

Best Pistol Handguns GTA V

#1 Best GTA V Pistol / Handgun: AP Pistol

AP Pistol GTA V

AP Pistol

You could probably rely in this full automatic pistol if you don’t have access to or run out of ammo with your rifles. It’s best to upgrade its clip size. You can also add a suppressor for a quieter shot and the awesome sound a silencer spits out, but this decreases its performance some. This pistol has superior damage and rate of fire, but inferior to the SNS pistol in terms of damage. If you’re going to use a pistol, this is the one.

Cost: $1000

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