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Siege Mentality III (Adversary Mode) – Grand Theft Auto 5

This is the third Siege Mentality Adversary Mode mission in Grand Theft Auto 5 online. This time the Siege Mentality Mission takes place on the large freight boat. As per usual, in the adversary modes there are 1-6 each of attackers vs defenders, where the attackers are limited to a sawn off shot gun and the defenders with whatever weapons they have on hand.

I found the third siege mentality mission to be a tad unfair as a defender (at least with limited players on both sides), since the defenders are placed so high up. This was un-fair because when the defender kills an attacker, the defenders have a ways to travel back and it takes them a while to climb up to the top, since there is no other way of sneaking up on the defenders, other then the two ladders; thus making it quite easy to defend.

Check out below for some gameplay of the Siege Mentality III Adversary Mode mission –

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