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Siege Mentality VI (Adversary Mode) – Grand Theft Auto 5

This is the sixth Siege Mentality Adversary Mode map in GTA 5 online, which takes place on the long pier at Chumash. The attackers get placed at the start of the pier, while the defenders are in the building at the end of the pier. I personally found this Siege Mentality map to be a little more fair for the defenders this time, since it can be difficult to make it either on top of the pier or even swimming to the defenders side as an attacker.

Siege Mentality VI Description

The Hold Outs have to survive a three minute siege on the pier at Chumash. They cannot leave the pier, but have an armory of powerful weapons to hold the ground with. The Attackers try to take out the Hold Outs with only the use of sawed-off shotguns. The Attackers have unlimited lives.

Siege Mentality VI Gameplay Video

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