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Siege Mentality IV (Adversary Mode) – Grand Theft Auto 5

Out of all the Siege Mentality arenas, this is bar far my favourite. I think in particular, the dynamic of the attackers having to many options to approach the defenders (cops) at the top of the parking garage just works so well. There are care scattered around which also makes for a unique way of either hiding and approaching the enemy, or to be used strategically in killing your enemy.

Siege Mentality IV Description

The Hold Outs have to survive a four minute siege in a parking garage in Pillbox Hill. They cannot leave the parking garage, but have an armoury full of powerful weapons to hold the ground with. The Attackers try to make out the Hold Outs with only the use of sawed-off shotguns. The attackers have unlimited lives.

Siege Mentality VI Gameplay Video

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