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The Humane Labs Raid Heist – GTA 5

The Humane Raids Heist

Heist Setup

1. Humane Raid – Key Codes

Meet a contact in Downtown to receive the Human Labs key codes. Set up lookouts and security at the meet in case of interruption.

2. Humane Raid – Insurgents

Take two insurgent LAPVs from the Merryweather test site at the Davis Quartz Quarry for use in the raid on Humane Labs.

3. Humane Raid – EMP

Get hold of an Electromagnetic Pulse device to shut down power at Humane Labs. It’s currently installed in a Hydra jump jet.

4. Humane Raid – Valkyrie

Acquire a Valkrie helicopter gunship for the raid on Humane Labs. Merryweather Security are storing it at their base in the Los Santos Naval Port.

5. Humane Raid – Deliver EMP

Get the EMP device into Humane Labs so it can be triggered during the raid. It will have been fitted into the stolen insurgent LAPV. Store the LAPV in the lab without drawing attention.

The Humane Labs Raid Finale

Get into Humane Labs, and get out with their files. After the AMP is triggered, half the team goes in with the night vision, the other half holds off reinforcements in the attack chopper. Then the chopper teams collects the ground team.

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