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Starting Fallout 4 – Gameplay and Character Creation

The start of fallout 4 may determine the feel of the rest of your game. At the very start you are to create your main characters look given many different facial parameters including your characters forehead,chin, nose, ears, lips, eyes, eye brows, cheeks with everything from scale, lengths, widths and even a variety of hair styles. You can even add markings like freckles or moles and facial damage like scars or bruises. To say the least, you have plenty of options to make a very unique Fallout 4 characters, whether it be comical or more alike yourself as the player of this character.

You start the game in your suburban type, almost 1960’s alike modernish futuristic household – which is just plain cool. You have just had a newborn son, with all the goodies to prove it in his bedroom, a very  typical 60’s housewife and a not so typical butler robot named Codsworth – which seems like he uses an impractical amount of energy to keep afoot.

Well from here on, you meet a fellow salesmen who wants to sell you on the idea of opting into a fallout shelter agreement of sorts, which seems too immediate given what happens, well…immediately next. To see exactly what happens at the very start, check out the following video on character creation and the starting gameplay in Fallout 4:

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