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Best Melee Weapons GTA V

The Top GTA V Best Melee Weapons for Online

Melee weapons are hand to hand close combat weapons capable of various damages and speeds. For the most part there are just a few hand weapons that may appeal to a specific player style or a playful situation – I mean who doesn’t enjoy whacking someone with

Best Throwing Weapons GTA V

The Top GTA V Best Throwing Weapons for Online

The best use of throwing weapons will vary in use depending on the situation you’re in, but I’ll simply label the top three I personally use and in order I tend to use them in. Throwing weapons in GTA V are unique in that each

gta v freemode events update September 15 2015

GTA V New Update: Freemode Events

The newest update for Grand Theft Auto V online is called to Freemode Events Update – an update that introduces a whack load of new game to play in the online lobby of GTA V. These games don’t require you to join a new lobby

Best GTA V Weapons For Deathmatches and More

The Best GTA V Weapons & Guns – Deathmatches / Online

In Grand Theft Auto V, weapons are not only a vital tool to your survival, but to also traverse your way though missions, deathmatches and more. Depending on the scenario, you may have to use different weapon from different categories separated into several weapon types

The Humane Labs Raid Heist – GTA 5

The Humane Raids Heist Heist Setup 1. Humane Raid – Key Codes Meet a contact in Downtown to receive the Human Labs key codes. Set up lookouts and security at the meet in case of interruption. 2. Humane Raid – Insurgents Take two insurgent LAPVs