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Nagasaki Shotaro / Tron Motorcycle (Deadline) GTA 5

At first you will not be able to purchase this new bike from the so what you need to do is play the new Deadline Adversary mode – after that the bike will become available. This bike became available as a part of a

Benefactor XLS (Armored) GTA V SUV

Benefactor XLS (Armored) SUV GTA 5

The Benefactor XLS Armored version was an SUV released during the GTV Finance & Felony DLC update. The XLS now (as of the GTA V Finance & Felony update) demolishes all current SUV cars as the top racing SUV in GTA V which now beats the Huntley S by


Vapid FMJ Super Car GTA 5

The Vapid FMJ was one of the two Super Cars released in the GTV Finance & Felony DLC update and is at the time of writing this the fourth best super car for racing, just barely – which keeps the super cars class in GTA V

Pegassi Reaper GTAV Supercar

Pegassi Reaper Super Car GTA 5

The Pegassi Reaper is a super car that was released with the Grand Theft Auto 5 Finance & Felony DLC update. At the time of writing this article and at the time of this recent release, this car is approximately the 7th fastest / best to race

Declasse Sabre Turbo GTA V

Declasse Sabre Turbo Muscle Car GTA 5

The Declasse Sabre Turbo was a newly released muscle car given a celebratory week of its own as described in Rockstars release article. The Sabre Turbo is available for purchase at Benny’s Original Motor Works website in GTA Online, and is a vintage muscle car with Custom Upgrades

Best Heavy Weapons GTA V

The Top GTA V Best Heavy Weapons for Online

The Heavy Weapons weapon class is probably one of the most satisfying  to play with; on a successful hit the process simply goes – launch, hit boom! It’s rather difficult to place the weapons included in this class into a dignified list of best to

Best Sniper Rifles GTA V

The Top GTA V Best Sniper Rifle Weapons for Online

Sniper Rifles can be an extremely powerful weapon with a little bit of practice. Once mastered, the Sniper Rifle can be one of the most deadly weapons in the game if used right. Sniper Rifles are long ranged weapons that can easily kill players with one

Best Shot Guns GTA V

The Top GTA V Best Shotgun Weapons for Online

Shotgun are to be used as short distance weapons. There are a couple of options that I will suggest below for best shotguns to use, but either choice ill probably depend on how you play and perhaps what sort of deathmatch map or situation you’re

Best Assault Rifles GTA V

The Top GTA V Best Assault Rifle Weapons for Online

Assault Rifles in GTA V should be the bread and butter of your GTA V weapons Arsenal. The Assault Rifles will work for most general situations and will be your go to weapon. Generally when I’m running around, this is what I have equipped, I then switch